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The CDM Academy International was conceptualized by a strong inspiration, vision, and orientation that led to the establishment of a model institute that seeks to advance the cause and liberties of learning, teaching and practising the doctrines of moral discipline, patriotism, and service obligation to nation building.

This model is designed by the realities and dynamics of western education, through a multi-disciplinary learning approach. It has a strong foundation in moral philosophy and righteousness, with the determination to develop and train tomorrow leaders with the fear of God.

This vision is consistent with international practice and the charter of the millennium development goals (MDG) which articulates the primacy of revolutionary ideas. Thus, we are motivated to evolve a sustainable culture of academic excellence which will passionately be determined by innovative learning, teaching, research and experimentation in all fields of comprehensive study.

In the process, we undertake to prepare valuable service instruments for nation building in varying categories, identified by a common discipline, loyalty and the consciousness to preserve the dignity of labour, through service to God and mankind.

Therefore, we endeavour to make disciples for Jesus Christ among many youth through the impartation of sound Christian doctrine and excellent secular education; building in them a genuine and enduring faith that will make our youth to live in a way that pleases God, as we have taught them.