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Multi-disciplinary learning with a determination to develop and train tomorrow leaders


The CDM Academy International runs a co–educational system and academic programs to suit every child that is admitted here. It is an institution that is prepared to bring out the best in your child, both spiritually and academically. 

The goals for the introduction of the Nursery and Primary sections is to train pupils at foundation levels who shall be admitted into the Academy in due course. It is believed that this process may help minimize the need of looking elsewhere for students.

Because of the importance attached to this development, CDM Academy International has introduced boarding facilities for Primary pupils. Parents with tight work schedules can now take advantage of this innovation by enrolling their children into boarding. Adequate preparations have been put in place to host them under the supervision of well trained staff who are solely employed for this purpose.

CDM Academy International is built on service oriented foundation that will be sustained by an involving culture of academic excellence to provide for greater growth opportunities to both Primary Pupils and students.