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5. INSFRASTRUCTURE: The infrastructure and development at the CDM Academy surpass the ones of several university institutions in the country. The Academy, which is one of the biggest international secondary schools in Africa, is located in the quiet serene environment of Mkar, a famous missionary settlement in Gboko local government area of Benue State, Nigeria. Sporting facilities are well developed to add value and excitement for students.


1. PERFORMANCE: The purpose of enrolment into secondary schools is to provide a breeding ground for the university system, consistent with appropriate standards and quality. Since establishment, CDM Academy has graduated 5 sets of students; 99% are admitted into universities - home and abroad. Similarly, our yearly pass record is almost 100%. The Academy is comparable to any international secondary school in the world.

2.   SCHOOL FEES: Because CDM Academy is a missionary school, it does not attach importance to excessive fees. Contrary to accusations of disproportionate charges levelled against us by perceived competitors, our fees remain quite moderate and affordable as follows: - 1st term N185, 000=, 2nd term N185, 000=, 3rd term N185, 000=. Additional to above, a procurement charge of N90, 000= is payable once a year, during the first term. These bills cover all expenditure per student, except uniforms. Please note that our school fees are contractual and therefore do not vary during the entire period of six years of course duration.

3.   BOARDING: CDM Academy is a residential secondary school which runs a combined boarding system of primary and secondary categories for both male and female students. While the school fees for primary pupils is only N9,000 per child per term, boarding fees per term is N90, 000=. These bills do not include books and uniforms and others. Parents with tight work schedules can take advantage of these facilities.

4.   SKILLED MANPOWER: CDM Academy has recruited the best available experienced teachers who are duly committed and dedicated to work. At the moment, the Academy has engaged the services of 50 professional teachers who are mostly degree holders. We intend to increase this number to 70 when we operate at full capacity. 

6. SECURITY: CDM Academy is well secured, stable, and devoid of external distractions and interruption thereby providing an enabling atmosphere that is conducive for teaching and learning. The management has put in place a regular police surveillance to complement its internal security arrangements. The school premises, measuring 15 hectares of land, are well secured with a perimeter wall, and fenced with razor wire.


7. CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE: In CDM Academy, we endeavour to make disciples for Jesus Christ among many students through the impartation of sound Christian doctrines and excellent secular education; building in them a genuine and enduring faith that will make our students to live in a way that pleases God, as we have taught them.


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