Application Process

Great news! It is now possible to complete the admission process into CDM Academy International online.

For parents in and around Benue state, the physical admission process is still open and can be used as a great opportunity to experience the school first hand, prior to the enrolment of your ward. However, as CDM prioritises all parents, we want to ensure the convenience of our applicants outside Benue state.

Before filling the application form, please take time to read the instructions below to ensure the application process is handled efficiently.

We DO NOT accept students into the final year of the junior or senior secondary school (JS3 and SS3), Please DO NOT pay fees for students entering into JS3 or SS3. If you have questions or wish to ascertain what session or class you can apply for your ward, you are advised to look into our admission criteria. Alternatively, you may wish to contact us, as we are prepared to respond to all enquiries.

If you do not have a ward who wishes to apply but willing to join our referral scheme and earn a reward for recommending applicants to our institution, fill out our referral form.

Please Note: Application fee (N3,000) is non-refundable, if our team cannot find your payment due to poorly referenced or non-referenced payments, we would not be held liable for a refund.


  1. Payment for the admission form (N3,000) must be made before filling the admission form. Pay in using the student’s full name and the word “application” as a reference e.g. “Application Akuhwa Victoria”. If applying for multiple students, the reference should be “application”, the surname and the number of students applying e.g. “Application Akuhwa 5”.
  1. Ensure you collect proof of payment (if made via a mobile bank, download or screenshot your receipt showing the reference and amount)

Please make payment to this account;

Account Number: 2013339438
Account Name: CDM Academy Int.
Bank: First Bank

  1. Fill in the form carefully and accurately to ensure the student’s admission is registered and the process is smooth.

Please Note: The email (ensure to check all folders including spam) and (or) phone number provided would be used to give access to the admission test the student is REQUIRED to take.

  1. An email containing a link to ClassMaker along with the applicant(s) username and password for the entrance examination (Math, English and General knowledge) would be sent to the provided email within 7 days of completing the application form. The exam can be taken at any time during the admission period, but advised to be taken as soon as possible. Guardians are advised to ensure their dependant(s) take the test under exam condition, a short test would be taken upon arrival to confirm the student took the entrance examination under the right conditions.

Please Note: If we do not make contact with the applicant after 7 days, contact us through our contact page. If the applicant cannot be contacted after 14 days, the application is considered null and void. If the applicant comes across any problems during the examination process, contact us to look investigate the issue and come up with a solution.

  1. An email would be sent to the applicant informing them on whether or not they had passed the entrance examination. Upon passing the examination, the applicant would be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of N50,000 (part of the school fees) to confirm acceptance. Payment reference would be in the same fashion as the application fee replacing “application” with “deposit”. Example, “deposit Akuhwa Victoria” or “deposit Akuhwa 5”. Alternatively, full payment of the school fees for a single term or the entire year can be made to confirm acceptance. Please find the break down of our school fees on the tuition page.

Please make payment to this account;

Account Number: 2013339438
Account Name: CDM Academy Int.
Bank: First Bank

If you were able to complete all 5 steps, congratulations! Your dependant has been enrolled into CDM Academy International.


  • If you haven’t already, please endeavour to complete the payment of your dependant’s tuition fees (breakdown available here).

If you wish to make an arrangement with the administration about a payment structure besides the termly payment structure (payment via instalments, annually, biannually etc.) please fill out a contact form here. Alternatively, you can call or message (Text, WhatsApp and Telegram) the head of our admission team Victoria Akuhwa at +234 803 433 0365 (international) or 0803 433 0365 (local).

  • Pack your bags using our essentials guide
  • Fuel your car.
  • Click on the big green button for directions.
  • Accept a glowing welcome from our admission’s team