The Academy runs a full boarding system with all state of the art boarding facilities for students. Both Girls and Boys enjoy equal boarding facilities. 
All the building structures are roofed with corrugated baked aluminium for strength and beauty. Classrooms are tiles and provided et good furniture conducive for learning. When completed, the Academy shall rand one of the best international schools in Africa. 
CDM Academy Hybrids the National Curriculum for Nigeria schools with the British Curriculum recommended for international schools. This hybrid curriculum produces the best your child/ward needs. 
The sporting House SystemCDM Academy has a well developed Sporting House System named after the Biblical foundations of the new heaven as follows: 
  • GOLD 
  • RUBY 
On entering CDM Academy, students are assigned to one of the six sporting houses. They remain parts of this sporting house throughout their time in school. 
This allows students to interact with other students of different ages.

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