Senior Secondary School

The High School (Senior Seconary) curriculum of CDM Academy is based on the National policy of Education. The quality of instruction is oriented towards inculcating the following values: 

*     Respect for the worth and dignity of the individual 

*    Faith in man’s ability to make rational decisions 

*    Moral and Spiritual principle in inter-personal and human relations 

*    Shared responsibility for the common good of society 

*    Promotion of the physical, emotional and psychological development of all children 

*    Acquisition of competence necessary for self reliance 


The High School(Senior Secondary), which is a three year program completes the Secondary School level of education. The CDM Academy policy on education, which identifies with the National Policy, however emphasizes the formation of the whole person so that all may attain Eternal Salvation in Christ and at the same time promote the common goal of the society. 

To achieve this, the school’s policy in place has included Christian Religious and moral Education as one of its core subjects. The High School(Senior Secondary), curriculum, with a core curriculum, designed to broaden students’ knowledge and outlook, has three groups. 


GROUP A: Core Subjects:- 

English Language 

French Language 



Students are to offer at least one from the following list of subjects: 

The Science oriented subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics 

The Arts or Social sciences: Literature in English, Government, Economics, Geography etc 


Vocational subject

Apart from the core subjects, students are expected to offer a minimum of one subject from the list of elective subjects in GROUP ‘B’ and ‘C’ to give a maximum of eight or nine subjects.

GROUP B: Vocational Electives

Agricultural Science

Book-keeping and Accounts


Computer Education

Food and Nutrition

Technical Drawing

Fine Arts Music


GROUP C: Non Vocational Electives






Literature in English


Christian Religious Knowledge



The High School (Senior Secondary) Certificate is based on continuous assessment of the National Examination Bodies. This curriculum also meets the requirement for Foreign Examinations.