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Prior to the commencement of the operations of the CDM Academy International, I held the final meeting with my teachers during which I unveiled the school's disciplinary procedures which excluded flogging of children. I explained to them that flogging, to some extent, is child abuse and will not be tolerated. My strong view against this seemingly routine disciplinary culture in almost all Benue State secondary schools was challenged by both teachers and some parents; but I stood my ground. Today, the culture of flogging in other schools is completely absent from CDM Academy.

Similarly, the colonial behaviour of junior students revering the senior ones with titles like 'SENIOR' was prohibited alongside with bullying. Bullying is a very serious offence in CDM Academy. Its consequences can lead to suspension or outright expulsion from school, depending on the gravity of the offence. In 2014, we suspended a student for bullying; in 2015, we expelled an SS3 student for violently attacking another student. These isolated cases are promptly dealt with when reported. Parents should therefore take note of these developments and restrain their wards who intimidate other students.

It is however embarrassing to learn that a student who claimed to be bullied continuously decided not to report, but rather painted a gruesome picture to his parents of what he termed “general bullying” in the school by senior students. According to him, the situation is so horrifying that to report might result in further reprisal from these students. The complainant himself is a senior student. When serious allegations of this nature are made by students, parents are advised to immediately draw the attention of the management for further determination of the cases so that they may not be seen as responding to mere students' gossip.