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In 1976, I had the opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom for further studies. Conditions were not favourable. Life and the general aspirations of people that time were remote as basic commercial activities within my community were mostly conducted at subsistence level. It was not easy to comprehend the idea of schooling abroad; and much more difficult to sell such an idea to a parent who was not competent to cope with its financial considerations. Against all odds, my father approved and authorized this adventure.

Where there is 'will', the means to sustain a drive comes by faith. How was my father able to source and pay for my school fees and living expenses abroad? I had no idea; but his determination paid off. Today, it is seen how diligently I am interpreting the experiences and the exposure gained as the result of my studies abroad. My community is being developed; children who register with the CDM Academy International – a direct product of an individual effort initiated by my father – are being transformed.

In this century, the world-view and perception of individuals have dramatically changed. It is no more a fashion, but rather, there is a justified and compelling need to educate children abroad also. No parent wishing to train his child in a competitive environment of internet revolution can anymore afford to ignore the demands that go with these aspirations. You may not have the determination to support your child's further studies abroad as my father did, but you can surely expose him to overseas education environment which helps him to become more articulate with foreign colleagues. This can be done through education excursions.

CDM Academy is unique in Benue State because of its ability to organize international excursions. We are confident that we are in the fore-front of providing this service in the State; CDM Academy is also one of the few schools nationwide which provide this service. Our students have already travelled to the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom. Plans for education excursion to France are ongoing but have considerably advanced to implementation stage. Parents have been contacted and some have already made part payment of total funds required for the proposed excursion.

Our ability to sustain this noble task may be challenged if parents decline further support for this project. We acknowledge the ability and concern of many parents who inject good life into their children by taking them abroad every year on holidays; if however efforts are made to trust the school with that responsibility this year, it shall be collectively more useful to these children. We wish to reiterate our determination to run an international school which undertakes international education tours. We therefore appeal to parents to support us continually by keeping the light burning.

60 parents had earlier indicated interest to support this project. Although the response so far is encouraging, we request that parents who have not yet made any financial commitment should do so to enable us proceed. 50% of the agreed fee is needed now to book for air tickets in order to avoid high costs during summer. We may further need to source for foreign exchange now as there seem to be no platforms created for travel allowances from banks. We have also planned to proceed with visa and accommodation booking arrangements before the summer rush when cost of these may become excessive.

Periodic excursion visits abroad are designed to expose our students to available opportunities of learning and exchange of ideas with their foreign colleagues. The acquired experience broadens a child's mind and enhances his ability to achieve greater skills of learning in his academic endeavours. We believe that each student should be given the opportunity to travel abroad once during the six years of course duration. However, international excursions are not compulsory but are planned for students whose parents are willing and can afford them.

To understand and appreciate our motive for initiating international trips abroad, Parents are hereby encouraged to visit our Gallery for more information regarding our international excursion activities.