1. CDM Academy is one of the largest International Secondary Schools in Africa.

2. CDM Academy is the most affordable International Secondary School in Nigeria.

3. Why pay too much when you can pay very little and get the same results?

4. Admissions into JSS 1 – 3 and SSS 1 in progress.

5. Our staff are available to attend to your needs from Monday – Saturday of every week between 9 am – 4 pm.

6. We shall be glad to enrol your child.

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As a Missionary school, CDM Academy does not attach importance to excessive fees. Consequently, our fees remain quite moderate and affordable as follows: -

1st term N185, 000=,

2nd term N185, 000=,

3rd term N185, 000=. 

Additional to above, a procurement charge of N90, 000= is payable once a year, during the first term.

These bills cover all expenditure per student, except uniforms. Please note that our school fees are contractual and therefore do not vary during the entire period of six years of course duration.

For more information about fees, contact the Admin Office.