The Academy runs a full boarding system with all state-of-the-art boarding facilities for students. Both Girls and Boys enjoy equal boarding facilities, chaperoned by our four diligent hostel wards. Along with the principal and the school’s nurse who reside within the school’s premises.

School Nurse

We offer a clean, serene and well lit environment at night to provide the best living/study environment for students at all times.

The sporting House System CDM Academy has a well developed Sporting House System named after the Biblical foundations of the new heaven. Upon entry into the institution, each student is assigned to a sport house, which they remain in until their graduation. This ensures interaction between students of different classes and instils the principles we wish for them to learn through the system.


  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Jasper


  • Acceptance
  • Responsibility
  • Care
  • Excellence

CDM Academy International we believe that optimum health is also a key factor in providing our students with the best learning environments. That is why we have gone beyond just having a sick bay with trained nurses to affiliate our institution with “Lord is Saviour” private hospital. We also ensure that our students are well fed with a balanced diet in accordance to both national and international nutritional standards we have taken time to research.

Our prerogative for our pupils is to keep our students;