CDM Academy international is situated at Akuhwa Gong Estate in Mkar, Gboko. Benue state is a centre of academic excellence where students are trained and morally brought up to be great and useful to society. CDM is one of the few schools in Nigeria that organizes periodic international excursions arrived at exposing students to opportunities of learning and exchange of ideas with foreign students. Students experienced this in South Africa 2012, United Kingdom 2014, and France 2016. These excursions experiences broadened their horizons and enhanced their ability to achieve greater skills. It is hoped that more international excursions will be embarked upon as the economy improves. CDM Academy is known for excellence. most if not all the students graduate with excellent results in both WAEC and NECO as well as JAMB and have gained admission to higher institutions both within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Two of my children schooled there and graduated with flying colours, and the third one is in the final year. this is because of the affordability and of the tuition fees. We look forward to when the school will add the British curriculum, for the benefit of those who will like to go abroad for their next level of learning. GOD BLESS CDM!! KEEP A DATE WITH CDM!!! Thanks..


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt This is the joy of CDM Academy, sustenance of the dreams of our children and equipping them for it.


CDM is a great school with a great staff. The curriculum is second to none and each child is treated with care. My kids are always happy to go back to school and I attribute this to the exemplary teaching and community feels of the school. When the kids come back on holiday, they always come with different amazing ideas. I must say CDM ACADEMY has made our job as parents easier as they not only teach the kids in class but ensure to instil good morals in their pupils.


CDM: This is an academic institution that has placed value on Child’s Educational Welfare. The management has not deviated from its mission and vision as the Child is at the centre of learning. One of my children has graduated from CDM and another one shall graduate next year and their behaviour and character are groomed to taste. I encourage parents to enrol their children and wards in CDM for holistic education.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt This is the joy of CDM Academy, sustenance of the dreams of our children and equipping them for it.


Working with CDM gave me a strong sense of fulfilment that comes from being a member of a team that delivers extraordinary value. As a result, I gained exposure to international teaching standards and the adequate staff welfare also helped me to deliver my Job excellently.


A citadel of learning that is home away from home even to me as a teacher. What else does a student and a teacher alike desire to be at his/her best at fulfilling destiny?


As an administrator for the past 20+ years, I can say that CDM Academy International is home away from home, it’s a place where a child with average academic performance can transform to a genius, it’s cult free and the culture of integrity is the basement for moral development.


My first encounter with CDM academy was ten years ago (2011) when I was assessing schools around Benue state to enrol my daughter. The serene environment and facilities endeared me to the school and further interaction and enquires proved that the school had a great teaching faculty. My daughter told me “Daddy this will be my school”. Having enrolled three children in the school over the years (2011, 2014 and 2018) and based on the visible outputs from my wards. I can confidently say that: CDM academy is a pace setter in students emotional growth and intellectual excellence. It’s a centre of excellence for building strong values and setting wings to carry students far and wide. This has been exemplified in my daughter who graduated top of her class in International Relations and Diplomacy at ABUAD this year.