The establishment of the CDM Academy International is the self actualization of a God-given vision. The Academy is a Christian residential school with modern structures built under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Modern facilities and equipment are provided in all school departments, inclusive of high-tech laboratories second to none in the country.

Our 13.6 hectare (136,000 square meters) and fantastic infrastructure, although awe inspiring, is only one of the numerous reasons why our institution is geared towards the success of it’s pupils.

We are excited to work with you and your child to raise exceptional leaders by providing high-quality education. We strive to offer a high-quality educational and co-curricular program that recognizes and values each child’s unique traits and potential.

We believe that education is a collective responsibility and that the successful function of a school depends on the cooperation of everyone involved: students, parents, and staff. All of our policies are intended to provide a secure and inspiring environment that will contribute to learning. We encourage you to get to know our school, its schedule, and its activities.

Principal: Mr Patrick Adakole

Students receive an excellent, well-rounded education from dedicated and highly qualified teachers, developing qualities that will equip them to face life’s challenges with self-belief and optimism. In addition to our broad curriculum, students can enjoy a fabulous range of activities that engage, stimulate and inspire them. It is a source of pride for us that our students emerge as confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens, and adaptable human beings. CDM Academy International’s philosophy is to make life better for all. Our values and activities ensure academic achievement, students’ welfare, and their contributions to society. Our student-centred learning environment is a key contributor to preparing our students for adulthood and life beyond school.


CDM Academy International is accredited by the National Examinations Council, West African Examination Council, and Benue State Examination Board. CDM Academy International is authorized to offer the NECO-SSCE, NECO-BECE, WASSCE, BSEB MOCK-SSCE, and BSEB-BECE Programs.

Our low student-to-teacher ratio, approximately 1:8, allows for lasting relationships and truly individualized learning opportunities.

Being accredited and maintaining a healthy student – staff ratio are not unique qualities for any institution. However, what each institution achieves with these mundane qualities is telling of their efficiency and drive for success. In CDM Academy International, we allow our achievements speak on behalf of our institution.

Last 3 Years

In addition to our academic success, CDM Academy International boasts great living conditions and comprehensive extracurricular activities with operational diverse clubs. We offer facilities for the following number of sporting activities; Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Handball, Table Tennis and a variety of athletic activities (Javelin, Short put etc.)

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