The importance of working with people from different cultures and social groups has risen proportionally with the increase in global trade, interactions, exchange of ideas, and culture. If students are exposed to diversity and learning cultural awareness in the classroom, it sets them up to flourish in the national and international workforce.


Improving our teaching and learning practice is of paramount importance to us here at CDM Academy International. Virtual learning enlarges the existing scope of knowledge, improves and sharpens student’s digital and research skills. Most importantly, virtual learning teaches students to adapt and figure things out for themselves, thus becoming more resourceful as they muscle through challenges at school and in life.


Simply listening and taking notes deflates the student’s learning potential. At CDM Academy International, we encourage learning by doing, thus motivating students to participate in their learning experience. We inspire students to be independent and inquisitive; to be mentally and physically involved through practical and external activities, experimentation, independent investigations, research work, problem-solving tasks, and excursions.


To ensure our aim for individualized instruction and essential attention is achieved, our student-to-teacher ratios and group sizes are significantly low compared with most schools around.  Our low student-to-teacher (approximately 1:8) allows for lasting relationships and truly individualized learning opportunities. In addition, CDM Academy International boasts comprehensive extracurricular activities with operational clubs.

Junior Secondary Programme (JS)

The JS 1-3 covers the age range 11 to 14 (Grades 7 to 9). It is a curriculum that combines academic rigor with the skills and attitudes appropriate to the challenges and opportunities of contemporary society. The JS Programme provides a thorough study of various subject disciplines, as listed in the table below. While acknowledging the unique role that each subject contributes to a student’s fundamental educational foundation, it also emphasizes the inter-relatedness of these subject areas through interdisciplinary projects and activities. There are 10 core subjects based on the national curriculum, we ensure that all aspects of these subjects are covered through targeted learning.

English Language
French Language
National Language
Business Studies
Christian Religious Studies
Cultural and Creative Arts
Basic Science and Technology
Pre-Vocational Studies
National Values Education

Senior Secondary Programme

The Senior Secondary Programme (SS), for students aged 14-19, is a three-year course of study (Grade 10 to 12). Recognized internationally as a qualification for university entrance, it also allows students to fulfil the requirements of their national education system. Students share an educational experience that emphasizes critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and respect for others in the global community. Students at the end of grade 12 need to sit for WAEC or NECO Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. Upon entry into SS1 (Grade 10), our students are given counsel on what selection of subjects (from the list below) would best suit their strengths and goals, in order to carve out the best possible path for them. Our curriculum is based on the national standard. However, due to the rapid change in degree of knowledge required for the nations external examination in mathematics, we mandate a certain degree of knowledge in further mathematics from all our students. This change in our internal curriculum has seen the results of students in mathematics drastically increase. In the 2021 WAEC examination, 80% of our students had a distinction in mathematics.

Civic Education
Data Processing
Further Mathematics
Commercial EssentialScience EssentialArt Essential
Financial AccountingPhysicsGovernment
CommerceChemistryLiterature in English
EconomicsChristian Religious Studies
Home Management/Geography
Biology/Agricultural Science/Technical Drawing
Computer Science
After School Electives
Entrepreneur Studies (c) (s) (a) (U)
German Language (c) (s) (a) (u)
French Language
(c) – Advised for Commercial class; (s) – Advised for Science Class; (a) – Advised for Arts class (u) – upcoming

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