CDM Academy International’s admissions team welcomes you to our institution, we are here to ensure that the process of entry into the institution is as efficient and smooth as possible. Please take a look at our important dates (to know our resumption date), school fees policy and application process for further information.

Important dates

Fees and Funding

Application Process

We hope that if you are going through this page, you are taking the required steps to secure admission with our institution, which are a passed entrance examination and emailed proof of paid deposit (or entire school fees).

What your dependant is allowed to possess in the boarding facility are decided mostly on a situational basis. However, to avoid elongating the time required to go through our checks with your dependant here is a list to aid your preparation.

Essential Guide

Provision (limited)Declaration formSharp Objects
Money (limited)Transcript from former schoolBreakable glass wear
Laptops (Kept by the school)Proof of payment (deposit/fees)Casual wear
International PassportBirth CertificateHair extensions
Nail cutterPassport PhotographDyed hair
Cotton budsBible
Shampoo and Attachment (girls)Bed sheets and pillow cases
Body spray2 pairs of a dozen tissue
Black shoes and socks (2 pairs)
School bag(s)
Uniforms (School provided)
Shorts for Sport
Mosquito Net
Face Mask (2 pairs)
Hand sanitizer
Medical records
A dozen pen and 6HB pencil
Black belts (2 pairs)
Bed Cover/Blanket
Tooth brush and paste
Transfer Certificate
Mathematical set

Certain requirements can be acquired from the institution in, but please ensure to provide the requirements your ward needs to live in the boarding house and avoid all items that are prohibited. We hope to see you soon.