Fees and Funding

If you are considering any of our schools, it’s a good idea to think about funding as soon as possible. We help you to understand the costs, explore funding options and take control of your finances and payment methods.

The Academy’s Fees Policy

The CDM Academy’s unique fees policy enables parents to evaluate their financial status over a period of at least 3 years and plan ahead for payment of tuition and boarding fees which are not subject to changes within the contract period. For example, the Academy has the Junior Secondary School (JSS 1-3), and the Senior Secondary School (SSS 1-3). Once payment of school fees per child is determined and accepted by parents at the beginning of the Junior Secondary School which lasts for 3 years, there exist an implied binding agreement on both parties prohibiting an upward review of fees until the child moves into the Senior Secondary School.

The same process applies to the Senior Secondary School fees. However, cost of uniforms, books, medication, levies, examinations and others may continue to vary as the market trend dictates.

CDM Academy International is a full boarding school open to the Primary school students under certain conditions but compulsory to the secondary school students. The two main costs you will face as a parent at C.D.M are tuition fees and boarding fees for residential students, listed below.

CDM Nursery and Primary SchoolN130,000N11,500
CDM Academy InternationalN130,000N80,000

Beyond the school fees, there are additional costs the students would be liable to pay during or at the beginning of the term, some of which would be essential and others optional. These costs vary depending on the student and the state of the economy, if you have any questions regarding these costs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Deposit: After successfully completing our admission procedure and your child has been offered provisional admission into CDM Academy International, an acceptance fee of N50,000 is to be paid into the schools’ bank account. This Deposit is a non-refundable fee that forms part of the total amount to be paid as school fee. Alternatively, full payment of the school fees for the term or year can be made as a sign of acceptance, follow the admission process on how and where to pay.